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We (Perkz Ltd) want you to make the most out of working with Eze Group (referred to here as ‘The Company’), so please, don’t be a stranger to Eze Group ! (referred to here as ‘The Site’)! We’ve tried to make these Terms and Conditions as easy to read as possible, so if we haven't made anything clear please get in touch.

  1. General

    1. Most of the discounts, savings and Cashback that you see on The Site have been arranged by us on The Company’s behalf, to provide you with a genuine way to save you money.
    2. We may also provide extras chosen by The Company that will have their own set of T&Cs that you’ll need to accept.
    3. Your activity is 100% confidential meaning we will never sell, lend, trade or give access to any identifiable personal information. We get into more detail about how we protect your personal info in our Privacy Policy.
    4. Unless there’s an emergency or special update, we won’t shut the site without notice.
  2. Your Account

    1. Once you have finished working with The Company, you’ll be able to withdraw Cashback up to two years after you inform us you’re no longer part of The Site.
    2. For everyone's safety, if we feel your account may be linked to fraudulent or commercial activity we’ll suspend your access to investigate.
  3. Website Content

    1. We do our best to provide you with the best retailer offers and the most accurate information. If we make a mistake we'll put things right so you don't lose out.
    2. Every retailer has their own rules, which you'll be agreeing to if you choose to purchase from them. Please check their T&C’s carefully. If something does go wrong, we’ll do all we can to help.
    3. The Site is protected by trademarks and copyright. If you want to copy information from it please contact us for permission first – that way we can make sure we’re all on the same page together.
    4. All other content of the site is provided to us by The Company. We have no say on that content, so we can’t take any responsibility or liability for its accuracy.
  4. Cashback

    1. To make sure we can track Cashback correctly, please ensure our link is the last one you use before ordering and make sure you complete your order online. If you need to finish your order by phone or in person then we won’t be able to claim your Cashback from the retailer.
    2. If Cashback is not tracked or missing let us know within 60 days through the Help section and we’ll get it sorted for you.
    3. If you've paid for an order using a credit or debit card then your Cashback will be awarded normally. If you've paid or part paid using a gift voucher, coupon, gift card or another method of payment, the retailer may not award your Cashback and we won't be able to claim it back from them.
    4. Our discount codes work in conjunction with the Cashback offered on our site, but they won’t work with discount codes from other sources. If you do decide to use a discount code from another source, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to award you Cashback as the retailer will pay the Cashback to the site that you got the code from.
    5. If we’ve awarded Cashback in error, we have the right to remove it when we find out. Similarly, if you return or cancel part of your order the retailer is likely to reverse the Cashback. If you’ve already withdrawn your account Cashback, subsequent Cashback earnings will pay that back.
    6. Cashback has value of £0.00001 for every £1.00 showing in your account. When we authorise a withdrawal request we'll convert it at the rate that you expect, £1 Cashback = £1 real money.
  5. Instant Vouchers & Reloadable Cards

    1. Different retailers provide different delivery method of vouchers (Instant, Reloadable Cards). Because of this, our ability to provide you with a refund differs per retailer. For further information please read our Refund Policy.
    2. Very rarely something could affect our ability to top up your Reloadable Card at the expected time. We'll let you know if we're aware of an issue, but to prevent any inconvenience, please check your balance before using your card.
    3. If you lose a Reloadable Card, please let our Helpdesk know ASAP. Where possible we’ll block the remaining balance and transfer it to a new card for you. Unfortunately, Instant Vouchers are like cash, so we can’t do the same with them.
    4. When retailers close down, vouchers are often refused and usually voucher holders are not entitled to their money back from the retailer. Should this occur, we’ll do all we can to refund vouchers that have been bought through our site but we do recommend only buying vouchers that you plan to spend in the near future.
  6. Our Liability

    1. Please read information on The Site or any website that you visit from a link on The Site, carefully. We always try our best to help on any issues that arise, but we can’t take responsibility for any losses that are a result of your decision - unless we've done something deliberately negligent or underhand, and we have zero intention of doing that.

The Site is operated for The Company by Perkz Ltd.

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Your activity is 100% confidential and we never share your private information or shopping habits or preferences with your The Company or anyone else. Your personally identifiable and private information will never be sold or passed on to any retailer or third party.

We use cookies to track where you have shopped online so we can allocate your savings and Cashback. By using The Site, you agree to that. You can turn them off but if you do we cannot track online savings for you and you will not earn Cashback. Read our Cookie Policy for more details.

Updated March 2016